Make Nevada Red Again

Mindy Robinson is a political commentator, vocal conservative actress, and host of a patriotic online show. She holds degrees in American History and Political Science, and is currently running for Congress in district 3 southern Nevada. She has used her online platform in the past not only to highlight local issues in Nevada…but to actually get something done about it.

When attorney general Aaron Ford secretly tried to pass a bill that would allow intruders or (their surviving family) to sue homeowners for defending themselves in their own homes, Mindy Robinson ran a huge online campaign to get it pulled…and it worked, it was pulled. She has been a vocal defender of free speech on social media platforms and an avid activist for 2nd amendment gun rights. She has does a lot of work for charity over the years, often focusing on military and veterans in need. She has supported Trump in office since day one and is looking forward to taking on her opponent who is an incumbent Democrat that voted for impeachment in a district that voted for Trump.

“Why I decided to run for Congress.”

I’m not the typical political candidate. I am very vocal about the things I see wrong in this world, and I‘ve never been afraid to speak out about it. I don’t like it when politicians “play it safe” just to placate to the masses because ultimately…that means nothing will ever get done. I hear complaints about all the corruption in this state…and yet I see no one actually doing anything tangible about it.

Six years ago, I moved to Las Vegas from California hoping to escape the lunacy of the radical Left. The high taxes, the unconstitutional gun laws, the preferential treatment of criminals over citizens, their revolving door of criminal justice, the hypodermic needles and human feces in the streets, and of course…the rampant voter fraud that allowed all of that to happen in the first place.

We are rapidly watching our successful, tax-friendly, business friendly, gun friendly state of Nevada turn blue…and we’re all scratching our heads as to why.

People claim it’s because of all the Californians moving in…but why would they move to escape the Left…just to vote Democrat when they arrived here? Everyone that I know that moved here was a conservative, libertarian, or independent…so something is not adding up.

What I did notice in the last two elections that I voted in here, was that there was a complete lack of election integrity and rampant, unchecked voter fraud.

Of course establishment politicians don’t care about that or they would have done something about it by now. Whatever they’re doing…if it’s anything at all….isn’t working.

There is no voter ID in Nevada, and that is the very first thing I think needs to change. Without fair elections, there is no republic. The way our voting system is set up right now, you can fraudulently sign up as many people as you want to any vacant address or PO Box…them take all these fraudulent ballots and “vote” using them and nothing else. Is it starting to make sense how this red state magically turned blue yet?

Without accountable elections, the voice of Nevada residents aren’t being heard.

While you weren’t looking, Governor Sisolak gave felons the right to vote here, because THAT was a bigger priority to him than enacting voter ID. Now he’s pushing for costly legislation and bills that are teetering us toward implementing an income tax, where we never had one before. Nevada’s great tax haven is why so many businesses have wisely decided to invest and locate here…why would anyone ever choose to change that?

If you’re wondering why there’s a Democrat incumbent in a Trump voting district in the first place, let me explain. Susie Lee (who I’m sure is a very nice person) has been passing herself off as being a “moderate” …which is helpful in a district who’s independent voters help swing election victories.

The problem is that she’s not even close to being a moderate, and you would have to dig really deep in her actions and statements to realize that. She focuses up front on almost entirely on education and healthcare reform…mostly because it’s politically neutral. Who wouldn’t be for those two things?

But there are so many other just as important, pressing issues that that need addressing right now in Nevada, that she simply just can’t afford to not recognize them because she’s worried it’ll hurt her numbers.

If you go to her official website you will not see where she stands on issues, or how she intends to vote on our behalf at all. Am I missing something, or is declaring their stances not part of campaigning as a representative?

If you dig you will see that she has opinions…they just don’t align with the majority of her own voters.

She’s ragingly anti-gun, and continues to push for even stricter gun laws and “assault rifle” bans…not that the Left even understands what they’re talking about when it comes to guns half the time.

Over a hundred people had to point it out for her online…but we already have background checks to buy guns in Nevada. You would think a politician would know that, or at least look into before making a public statement and pushing for laws.

She’s also very pro-abortion and is backed by Planned Parenthood. Wherever you stand on the subject you have to admit…forcing people who believe it’s murder to pay for it is morally wrong.


It’s interesting how Democrats grant money to Planned Parenthood to “keep their doors open” and then PP turns around and donates it right back into their campaigns coiffures. Because that’s totally not a government money laundering scam at all.

I am a reasonable but vocal fiscal conservative. I will always tell you exactly where I stand and how I would vote…but I also understand that the wishes of the constituents I would represent, must always be weighed out first.

I am pro-2nd amendment and gun rights: I believe we should clean up and enforce the gun laws we already have, instead of forcing even more legislation onto gun owners that do nothing but punish honest patriots and citizens.

I believe there should be a universal conceal carry: I took safety classes, passed a written and shooting target test, passed a background check, paid a fee, and even got fingerprinted to be able to carry a firearm for personal protection. I want to cut the confusion and fight for that right to be recognized on a federal level by other states, much like our driver licenses are today.

I’m pro ICE and pro-border control: Like many Americans, I have no problem with vetted, limited, and legal immigration. But if you’re a criminal…you’re getting sent back ASAP and anyone that wants to protect these criminals to the detriment of U.S. citizens can go right back there with them. Right now there’s a motion in Congress that Democrats are trying to pass that would give illegals MORE rights and benefits than Americans and legal immigrants. This is beyond unacceptable, and I can think of no reason for it other than to garner fraudulent, illegal votes.

I’m personally pro-life: While I believe life starts at conception, I also understand that there are circumstances in the world albeit medical or criminal that there can be made exceptions for. With the advancement of science allowing premature infants to become more viable outside the womb longer, and preventative pregnancy measures now good up until 3 days after an “accident” how long someone should legally wait before getting abortion should become shorter and shorter over time as technology advances. But instead we have radical liberals celebrating abortion when it shouldn’t be anything but somber, and pushing for the practice to occur later and later…up until birth, and now sadly…even after. To me this is regressive and not progressive for a society, I pray for the day it is phased out and not needed at all…but I am willing to work to find better solutions we can all agree on for now until that day comes, like making adoptions easier and less expensive, and free PREVENTATIVE birth control to those in need.

I’m pro-military/veteran: I absolutely do not understand why Democrats are so motivated about giving illegals healthcare, when we haven’t fixed the VA system for our own veterans yet. These men and women put their lives on the line for us…they shouldn’t be ignored because the Left prefers more out of the box, “woke” talking points.

I’m pro-law enforcement: You will not catch me protesting cops that are working hard every day to keep us safe. To this day, I’m still not sure what the radical Left’s plan is if they got rid of all organized law enforcement like they want. Sounds like lawless anarchy to me.

Education: School is a place for learning…it should be completely politically neutral on the instructor’s behalf, and students should be allowed to freely express whatever their political beliefs are, Left or Right without punishment. Kids should be focused on learning, not what controversial opinion their teacher has on politics.

Gender issues: I don’t care what consenting adults do as long as they aren’t pushing it onto underage kids. You can sexually identify as a chair for all I care…just don’t demand that I must legally refer to you as “chair” because that’s when your rights infringe on the rights of mine and others.

Censorship: I’m a firm believer in free speech, and that includes speech that I don’t like or that I don’t agree with. Like many active people online, I have been dealing with immense, unfair biased censorship across all platforms. Even independents and non political individuals have been caught in the middle of this censorship bias for posting something the platform disagrees with. Companies are allowed to create whatever terms of service they want, but if they don’t enforce that equally across-the-board…then that’s blatant discrimination. No one seems to be fighting for that now and I’d like to change that…especially since social media plays such an important role in forming public opinions and shaping elections.

Term limits: I’m not a fan of lifetime politicians. I think they care more about re-election, fundraising…and they rarely seem to get anything done because of it. You should do this job because you want to make a difference, not because you want to make money awarding your friends government bids for kickbacks. Isn’t it interesting the size of these houses some of these politicians live in despite their modest government pay?

Trump: Love him or hate him, the fact Trump is a non-politician with no vested interested in fame or money (because he already had it) has allowed him the ability to push against the crooked establishment and literally “Make America Great Again.” 

We cannot argue with this economy and the success this country has seen in the last 4 years. The fact the incumbent voted for impeachment proves she cares more about the petty beef of the Democrat party not winning the election they wanted, than what her own constituents wanted. If the majority of people in a district disagree with me on a policy or issue…I’m going to put my opinions and self interest aside, and vote the way you want me to vote. Honestly, that’s how it should always be.

I will run a true grass roots campaign on social media and in neighborhoods that will not cost the millions of dollars my competitors got from PAC money and unions. Personally, I don’t think you shouldn’t be able to buy politicians or elections…but I can’t change that if you don’t vote for someone like me in the Republican primaries June 9th. I am unconventional, but will my opponents be as bold and vocal as I am when it comes to fighting for the rights of the citizens of District 3?

This country is at a huge tipping point and I don’t know if we can afford to have safe-choice politicians coasting through for us anymore. The radical, socialist Left isn’t afraid to be gutsy about it, so conservatives, libertarians, independents, and classic liberals can’t afford to be quiet either.